Recommended Products

Below are a few selected items that can be used to help you train at home, on holiday or take to your local gym to help boost your performance and recovery. You can get by without them however they will certainly be of benefit to you!

A foam roller is an essential piece of kit for any athlete. Used for self myofascial release (i.e. self massage) at the start, during or after training sessions, a foam roller can help relieve tight muscles and improve your range of movement. 

As above - this model is perfect for athletes and is designed to withstand constant, heavy use without breaking down.

A lacrosse ball is another tool used for self myofascial release and is perfect for those harder to reach areas e.g. glutes, lats. Can be a little more uncomfortable than a foam roller so best to use once you've built up a tolerance!

The strength band is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and can be used to make simple bodyweight exercises more challenging and also be used for a variety of core and shoulder exercises.

Mini bands are a great tool to use during a training session, especially glute activation exercises such as crab and monster walks. They're also useful during squats and bridges to ensure proper technique and encourage the glutes to fire!

Green = light resistance; Grey = medium resistance; Black = high resistance

A heart rate monitor is a great investment if you're looking to complete cardiovascular training/conditioning in order to improve your performance. Using a heart rate monitor can inform training intensity and also track your improvements over time by assessing recovery rates and resting heart rate. There are loads to choose from, though our choice is the Polar H10 which is compatible with most gym equipment and can be easily used with your phone giving you real time feedback.

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